Monday, April 6

This is spring? What happened?

Overnight, rain turned to snow and this is what it looked like outside this morning. Yikes!

I'm looking at the calendar and then out the window, shaking my head. This doesn't look like spring to me!

We've already started some veggie seeds for our garden. I need to get busy and start some flower seeds. I'd also like to start a planter full of greens and lettuces. When it is warm enough, I can move them outdoors to grow. We change so quickly from winter to summer, there is not much time for cooler weather crops to grow. My flower beds need cleaning out. Last week, hubby was on vacation. I had hoped to get some outside work done. Didn't happen. Most of the week it was too wet and rainy to work outside. My crocuses and daffodils are blooming. Weeds and grass are coming up in the beds too. I hope the weather cooperates so I can get outside to work on them soon.

After seeing the article on spindles in the current Spin-Off magazine, it piqued my interest in spindle spinning again. I have several lightweight spindles but I wanted something a little heavier. On the Yahoo Spindlers group people have been posting links for their favorite spindles. Someone was kind enough to provide a link for Kundert spindles. I caved and ordered one in cherry wood. It arrived last week. It's a beauty, isn't it? Given the size of this spindle, I was expecting it to weight more than the 1.4 oz it actually weighs. Measuring by my arm, the spindle reaches from my wrist to the bend at my elbow. This is a solid, quality tool and well balanced. I like that Stephen Kundert provides a hook at the whorl end and a carved knob on the shaft end. This allows you to use the spindle as either a high or low whorl. The hook is nicely centered and there is a notch on the side for your single. Given the high prices I've seen on spindles at fiber events, this spindle is a bargain at only $25.00. Go look and see if you can resist ordering one. LOL!

The Secrets of the Shawl KAL is moving along. It's exciting seeing the pictures of all the started shawls and interesting to see the yarn choices. I will post Clue 3 on Wednesday. (Sorry, the KAL is closed to new members.) Here's what my shawl looks like through Clue 2. I'm using Miss Babs Bamboo Baby sock yarn in lavender. I'm getting some great feedback from people about the design. They have told me about several sources for free charting software. I will be checking them out as this new shawl pattern is really pushing the boundaries of what I am able to do. What this means is I will have to totally rechart this pattern before it is ready to go. Since this design has no repeating lace motifs, there is a lot of charting ahead for me.

On the needles---the SSK shawl, some new cat toys, more baby bibs, and a felted bag. There are not enough hours in the day to do what I have to (chores and such) and have time for knitting, spinning, and design projects.

My Rav friend, Jamie, recently sent me some gorgeous batts she dyed and carded. (Thanks, Jamie!) I haven't had time to spin for awhile. Opening this box of gorgeousness caused the wheel to come out immediately and spinning to commence. I chose 3 of the batts. What you see on the left is one of them stripped and predrafted and ready for spinning. The middle picture shows the single on the bobbin. On the right is the finished yarn. 4.5 ounces of Corriedale blend and 499 yards. That's enough for a shawl! She also sent some brown and pink batts, a blue and green roving, and a twist of pink and peach. Lots more spinning fun to go.


Dogmommy4 said...

Vicki, You are going to L*O*V*E your new spindle. We have three Kundert's in our family (me=2, DH=1)and so far they are the favorites!

I am also in love with my shawl - well, all two clues of it so far. Tomorrow can't come soon enough. In the mean time I'm working on a new pattern for felted boots, a Hemlock Ring, finishing a jacket, a Falling Leaf scarf, spinning some RedFish wool-silk blend and some angora blend from a friend AND weaving the last of three kitchen towels. Yeah, I agree with you - there is just not enought time in the day for it all... ginny in Ventura, CA

MUDNYC said...

How about some pics of the daffodils blooming in the snow? That is some crazy weather you guys are having out there!

Vicki said...

The snow didn't stay long. It was melting by the afternoon. There's only a few traces left in sheltered spots.