Friday, June 26


You would think we live way out in the country (instead of a bustling suburban area) from all the critters that have visited our yard recently.

For example, this week:

Foxes are now living under our neighbor's shed to the east. They must have run off the ground hog who was living there. On the bright side, they won't eat our garden and may keep some of the other critters away who do. We had noticed a strong musky smell around a few times lately. And several weeks ago a rabbit had been killed in our front yard. Nothing was left but fur. We had suspected that a fox did this.

Raccoons are living under our neighbor's shed to the west. Early Thursday morning, hubby saw two raccoon babies on the wrong side of the fence. The momma raccoon was hollering at them and they didn't know what to do. Hubby got a shovel and carefully dug a hole under the fence (with mama and babies watching) so that babies could get back to momma. As soon as they were on the right side of the fence, momma grabbed them by the scruff of the neck and towed them back under the shed.

A ground hog is still living under our shed. :( This after being run off by another one several weeks ago.

Last week, a mother deer and a fawn were in our yard. (During the winter we sometimes had 7 deer visit our bird feeder.) Mama deer jumped the neighbors fence, leaving the fawn behind. She was too small to jump that high. She ran up and down the fence hollering until she figured out she could go around the end.

Pookie and Boo like to go outside during the day. Yesterday, when I went to check on them, I found two big dogs coming up to the house. I ran them off. Boo and Pookie were hiding in the bushes. They came in as soon as the coast was clear.

Hubby and I have thought several times about fencing our yard. It would be expensive and probably would not keep all the critters out. We also like the open space and the view we have.

I can't resist posting another picture of Pookie. He was intrigued by a fold up crate that I usually keep in the trunk of my car. He decided it was a good place to lay down. Love the glowing eyes through the crate handles! LOL! He seems to like having his picture taken.

I finished this crocheted baby blanket last night. I call it Sunrays. It's an easy pattern to crochet. I'm working on a shawl version of this using 4 wedges instead of 6. My original idea was inspired by the lace pattern in my Wings to Heaven shawl. I wanted to see if I could reproduce it in crochet. It took about 5 tries and lots of ripping and crocheting before I got it figured out.

One of these days, I'll get some more patterns ready to post. I'm on a felted bag craze. I have about 3 designs that I need to test knit.


Bishop Stone said...

So many wonderful animals. You are so luck to have such great animals around you.

Ruth said...

we have bunnies, chipmunks, way too many deer, a fox occasionally, and the rotten groundhog! I hate my groundhog. In fact, "groundhog" is about to become my favorite swear word. Oh and hawks overhead. And the rotten groundhog is too big for them to try to capture.

RagamuffinQuilts said...

We live in a very suburban area too and have tons of chipmunks, squirrels, deer and even hear some turkeys off in the distance that just drive our dogs nuts. :-) I guess they have to live somewhere.