Wednesday, October 28

Fall color and progress

Fall is one of my favorite seasons. The weather is crisp or frosty in the morning, sunny and warm during the afternoon, and cold at night.

This year it has been cold, overcast, windy, and rainy. I wouldn't be surprised if November is warmer than normal and more like October should have been.

We have had a lot of brilliant autumn color this fall. It came on very quickly and is leaving (LOL!) just as fast with rain and wind. Here's a picture I took of the tree across the street between rain showers this week. The colors almost glow, don't they?

The yellows, golds, and oranges are spectacular this year. Not a lot of red though I have seen some unusual pink tinted leaves. Another oddity this year is that some trees/leaves have mottled coloring on the leaves. See how these have tinges of different colors? Some leaves are rimmed along the edges with one color. I'll have to see if I can take some more pictures of these leaves so you can see what I mean. It is a very colorful, though brief, display.

Progress! Our patio room is one step closer to being finished. The electrician and the installers returned this morning. We now have electrical outlets and a ceiling fan. The special order windows have been installed, the ugly wall covered up, a new handle to replace our tarnished door handle, and all the windows are sparkling. The next step will be shopping for some ceramic tile for the floor. Once that's installed, we'll be ready to move into our new space.


Moonlit Goddess said...

I know, the colors have been wonderful. Congrats and being 1 step closer to having your Patio finished.

Bishop Stone said...

I just love those autumn colours. We dont get too many of them around our way.

Geraldine said...

You are very lucky to have such inspiring colours in the autumn. Here, autumn comes very suddenly and the trees which do drop their leaves do not have time to show the reds, golds and browns that you know so well. Generally we have just green to brown with perhaps a bit of yellow. Still, your lovely picture reminded me of how lovely an autumn can be. Here, on the other hand, certain flowers and trees which would have dried up in summer begin to show colour again, so it's all a host of new colours anyway - of a different sort. In winter, then, all our fields will be covered in green and gold (wild floweres), so perhaps I could then plan something for spring, inspired by the colours ... :)