Monday, October 12

Looks what's happening!

Champion started work on our patio room this morning! Yippee!

One of the walls is already starting to go up. This is so exciting!

I'm so happy that it wasn't raining today so they could start.

The downside is that someone has to be here while they work. They need access to electricity and since our outside circuit isn't working, that means I'm stuck at home while this is happening. It will be well worth being stuck at home for a few days to have the extra space. Woo-hoo!

As if this weren't enough, hubby decided to hire someone to finish some of the dry wall projects in our house. We're finally getting the doorway and pass through window in the kitchen finished and some holes closed up. These are leftovers from our kitchen remodeling project of 2003. LOL! I'm just happy that it's finally getting done. Once they put the final coat of plaster on the walls we'll be ready to paint. It will be so nice not to have holes in my walls and rough edges everywhere. :) (Now if I can only talk hubby into putting up my cabinet kickplates and getting a vent fan to put over my range. Hmm...

We're having late November weather here in northern Indiana. Our high temperatures this week are in the low 50's with night time temps dipping down to freezing. Brr! We harvested all the winter squash, peppers, tomatoes, and tender crops from the garden last week. We picked the few beans that were missed by the deer. There were only a few green beans and the rest we shelled because the seeds got so big. I cooked them up last night with some of our onions, chunks of our fresh potatoes, and a few strips of bacon for flavoring. Yum! They were delicious served with cornbread.

All that's left in the garden now are the cold tolerant crops like brussels sprouts, cabbages, carrots, and potatoes. Our temperatures are about 15 degrees below normal. If hubby's right, our November temps should be warmer than usual to make up for how cold it's been. I've gone from wearing capris and tank tops straight to jeans, long sleeves, and wool socks.

I finished a lace scarf over the weekend. Here's a picture of it. I'm working on enlarging it into a stole. The temporary name for it is Boxes. Don't you think it needs something much nicer than that? The design looks more like diamonds. Though after checking Ravelry's database, diamonds has been used a lot. If you have any ideas of what to call this design, post a comment(s) below. I do gift a free copy of the completed pattern to whoever suggests the name I give a pattern.


shortoldlady said...

How about "All that Sparkles!"

Little Ol' Liz said...

I checked Ravely -- there's not a single stole/scarf named "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds."

You've got a hat or sweater that have taken Lucy's name, but nothing else. And given that the original inspiration for that Beatles song just recently passed, it's on my mind. Lovely work BTW.

Moonlit Goddess said...

Yeah for the enclosed porch. I know you've been waiting anxiously.

MUDNYC said...

Yay for finishing up home improvement projects! And I think your scarf is really pretty, it looks like lace cables.

kat said...

It reminds me of the God's Eyes I used to see when traveling in Mexico. ( ) I like that concept of being watched over. :)

I'm naughtyknots over on Rav

Anonymous said...

your scarf is beautiful :)

Sonny & Gay said...

It's lovely and looks like Radiating Diamonds.