Wednesday, December 30

Another one bites the dust

Argh! I'm so irritated! I've broken three tape measures in the last three months. I like the retractable kind that fit neatly into my knitting ditty bag. The first one had been around for a long time. I'd worn a lot of the design off the outside. I didn't feel so bad about breaking that one. Pulled out a new one. It lasted maybe two months before it broke. The last one maybe a week. I'll have to get shopping to see if I can find a nicer one that will last. I don't mind paying a little more for something that lasts.

I knitted a lot of Cowlabundas as Christmas gifts for my SILs and nieces. Now my mom wants one and others are beginning to eye them. After knitting 7 of them I need a break for a bit. They are easy and mindless knitting. I've used several different yarns for them but like the Yarn Bee Luscious the best. Too bad that Hobby Lobby has discontinued it. I may have to post an ISO on Ravelry's yarn forum to see if I can track down some more it. It really makes snuggly and soft cowls.

There are a lot of new patterns in the pipeline--knit, crochet, lace, scarves, shawls, blankets, hats,and a new cat toy. Some get stuck with design problems. I have some crocheted star motifs that I would like to make into a blanket. Problem is how to join them so there aren't big holes between them. I'm still working on that one. The picture above is another one I've been thinking about. I used some handspun yarn to knit a sample of this design. I can't decide if I really like it or if I should use just one of the lace patterns in it for a shawl. Other designs only need testing before they can be released or are waiting on a picture of a completed project for the pattern. I work hard to make my patterns clear, easy to follow, and accurate. So know that when you download or purchase one of my patterns, that there are hours, days, and/or weeks of work that went into it.

Just a heads up for my blog readers, I'll be raising the price on several of my patterns on January 1, 2010. These patterns have been at an introductory price for some time. The ones affected are Tilting Stars, Blossom Rug, Homeward Bound Scarf, Wisteria Shawl, and Le Petite Fleur Shawl. Get 'em soon before the price goes up.

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Dawn said...

I buy retractable tapes at home depot for 99 cents. I can't remember off hand where they are because after the first one Ted picked up the rest. But, they are metal, accurate and seem virtually indestructible. I keep them all over.