Thursday, January 7

And then the lights went out

Shortly after my last post the lights blinked, came back on, blinked again and then stayed off. Not good! I called the power company to report the outage. This seems to be an all too frequent happening around here. They said they would send someone out to drive by to look the problem. Later, I found out that we had been having freezing drizzle during the afternoon. (This was not in the weather forecast!) Someone slid into a utility pole about a mile from my house knocking out power to our area. It was dark outside by the time the lights came back on. Thankfully, it only took about an hour to repair the problem. It's too cold for the electricity to be out for long.

Late afternoon yesterday, I got a call from the coffee shop where my knitting group meets every Wednesday night. They wanted to let me know that the owner, Rebecca, was sick and they were closing early. Could I let the knitters know? I posted a note on our Yahoo group and hoped it got to everyone in time. Though we do have a fallback of meeting at our local Borders store if the coffeeshop is closed for some reason. Want to venture a guess what illness Rebecca has? Yes, it's the stomach flu! One of my best friends has it too. This bug is nasty and must be very contagious.

The snow continues to fall. A new system pushed into the area overnight. We're expecting 2-4 inches more snow as it moves through. Then the lake effect snow machine will kick in again. The forecast is for it to come south across the lake to hit east Chicago and the Indiana border. We'll see if they prove to be right or not. The seven day forecast looks like a broken record of cold (and getting colder) temps and snow. It's a good reason to stay home, stay warm, and knit!

I'll be glad when I get to feeling back to normal. I did a little too much yesterday and am paying for it today. It's definitely a low energy day.

I finished another strip on the blanket I'm knitting. That's a quarter of it finished. Doesn't look like I've even put a dent so far in my basketful of scraps. It's a pretty mindless knit which I need right now. One plus of the blanket getting larger is it's keeping my lap and me warm while I knit it. Not a bad thing when the temp dipped into the teens last night.

BTW, here's a peek at the first block for the Block of the Month blanket we're doing in my knitting group. I call this one Embossed Diamonds. I've got to get busy knitting a sample of the second block and get it ready for posting soon.

Stay warm!

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