Friday, April 16

April, April, go away!

For some reason April isn't a good month for me. I will be so glad when this one is over.
they say that things come in threes. If so, I've had enough already.

1) Hubby and I have both been suffering from bad allergy/sinus problems due to everything blooming at once. It's like having a head cold without the germs. Not pleasant.

2) I've been to visit the chiropractor twice for my neck and back.

3) My mom fell and broke her elbow on Monday. She had surgery yesterday to repair the break. The surgeon used wire and two large pins to put things back together. I saw the x-rays and it looks pretty scary! She's home and beginning the healing process.

My second visit to my chiropractor was just this morning. After sitting in waiting room chairs all day yesterday, it did my back in. It feels better after treatment today though it will take a day or so to settle down.

I am worn out and need a break. Hubby keeps reminding me that the laundry is piling up. I know! I know! I've reminded him that he's just as capable of loading a washer and doing laundry as I am. But you know how men are about doing household chores. I'm not worried, unless all those dirty clothes grow legs and walk off, they aren't going anywhere. LOL!

Right now I need a nap and some quiet time to knit and recharge my batteries. Tomorrow will be soon enough to worry about other things.


Robin said...

You're right - nothing is going anywhere! Stuff can always be turned inside out! Take care of you and I hope your mom will heal quickly.

tamdoll said...

Best wishes for a better remainder of the month & a speedy recovery for everyone!

I'm loaded up on allergy meds & eye drops here in NH, this season is killing me!!