Thursday, April 8

Spring snowflakes

This spring so far has been warmer than usual. A front came through last night and changed that, dropping us back into the 30s today. A little while ago, a flurry of big wet snowflakes came pelting down for just a few minutes before it turned to rain. Boo and Pookie were outside. When I went to check on them, Boo came running inside with huge snowflakes on his back. He didn't like it!

We've gotten up to 80 degrees recently. Unheard of for this early in the season. My daffodils have come and gone. Here's a picture of one of them. The warmth has brought all the trees out in bloom and lots of flowers and shrubs are starting to leaf and bloom. For seasonal allergies sufferers, this is not good. Both hubby and I are having sinus/allergy problems. It's almost like having a cold. Allergy pills are just not cutting it.

My head is not a happy camper. Weepy eyes, dripping sinuses, and an occasional cough. It's beginning to turn into congestion. Not good. I'm trying to finalize a crocheted shawl pattern after my testers finished with it. It will have to wait as my brain is too fuzzy to manage it. I finished another crocheted shawl Tuesday. I haven't even begun to type up the pattern yet from my notes. People who have seen it are already asking to test it for me. They must like it. :)

I found a pattern for a vintage circular shawl in a very old publication. No picture but the description of a star and leaf pattern intrigued me enough to find some yarn and cast on. It looks like a lump on the needles. It's very possible that no one has knitted this design for over 100 years! The instructions were surprising easy to understand and update to modern knitting terminology. I'm happy with how it's working up so far. I'm at the halfway point on it. Each round is over 400 stitches. It takes awhile to knit around. If it turns out a nice as I think it will, I'll post the pattern for others to try.

More designs in the works. A few should be ready to release as soon as I get to feeling better. Hope you're having a wonderful spring!

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Laura said...

Oh no! Sorry to hear you're having allergy problems. I also did NOT appreciate the snow today!