Thursday, April 29


My Flying Diamonds crochet shawl pattern has been very popular with crocheters. So much so that they've made it #4 on Ravelry's new and popular list of crochet patterns. Woo-hoo! (See the screen shot?) Someone told me last night at knit night that it had also been featured in Ravelry's newsletter. :) I'll have to see if I can track it down.

I'm pleased as punch that crocheters like this new pattern. Flying Diamonds came about after I read many posts from crocheters for patterns that look more like their knitted counterparts. Could I, I wondered, translate a knitted triangle shawl to a crocheted one. It was a little tricky but after much crocheting, ripping, and some not-so-nice words, I succeeded! The second crocheted shawl pattern, Glorious Morning, wasn't far behind. Several crochet designers having seen pictures of this new shawl design on my Ravelry project page and have emailed me asking if they could test it for me. I'm very flattered but...wouldn't that be like inviting a fox into a hen house?

BTW, my testers should be finished with Glorious Morning very soon. I hope to have it ready to roll out sometime next week.

My mom is doing better. She found out last week that as well as breaking her elbow, she had also cracked a bone in her leg. The doctor told her that the bones are still in place and that it should heal by itself in a couple of weeks. I'm glad she didn't need a cast on her leg too. So, not only is her right arm out of action, she also is having trouble walking on her right leg because it hurts.

Yesterday, she went back to have the staples removed from her elbow surgery. After x-raying it, the surgeon said that everything was healing well and she might only be in a cast for 2 more weeks! Yippee! That's good news! I was afraid it would be another month. The cast they put on her arm this time is smaller. The first one went from her armpit down to her knuckles. She might get it off in time for her birthday in May. : )

My knitting group is coming over on Saturday for a fiber frolic! I'm so excited! Until we built the sun room last fall, I never had the space to have them all together in one room. I've been frantically cleaning my house this week to get ready for it. Today, I went to the grocery store for food after I decided what I'm making. Everyone else brings a dish or something to share. We sit, knit, spin, crochet, talk, and eat all afternoon. I'm digging out some yarn and books for the swap/sell table and a few door prizes to give out. I hope everyone has a good time. : )


MUDNYC said...

Vicki, I'm glad your mom is doing better. And I miss the fiber frolics! Have lots of fun!

S & E said...

Hi! Love your blog and lists of patterns! I need more hours so I can do all the projects I want!