Friday, August 27

Name That Bag!

This is a bag pattern that I donated for use in the Holiday Mystery Gifts group in 2009. I'm ready to post the pattern as a freebie but I don't care for the pattern name. I called it Bag it Up! for HMG last year. It's pretty boring.

Want to take a go at giving it a better name? Post a comment with your name suggestion either here on my blog or in the naming thread on my Simply Simple Knits group on Ravelry. If I use the name you suggest, I'll gift you a copy of any of my patterns.

This is a felted tote bag that is knit in the round from the bottom up. The handles are knit in as you bind off the top edge. There's even instructions for knitting a pocket to sew to the inside of the tote. I used a variegated yarn for the sides of the bag. Isn't it cool the pattern it made?

The garden is beginning to wind down for the season. It's been an odd year for the garden. First wet, then hot and dry. Our sweet corn didn't do very well. The ears were small and not well filled out. At least the raccoons didn't get it this year! LOL! Cucumbers and summer squash plants have died due to bug damage. The beans are about done. Potatoes are dying which means we can dig some at any time. Winter squash is setting fruit. Oh, and tomatoes are coming in great guns. I've been busy freezing things for the winter. The only time you can go outside to pick anything is in the middle of the day when it's sunny or the mosquitoes eat you alive!

My knitting group held it's 2nd annual retreat on August 7th at the University of Notre Dame. We had a great time. One of our members taught a Fair Isle knitting class for us. I put together goody bags with the help of some of the members of our group. It was a fun and relaxing day for all who attended.

Last Friday I went to Michigan Fiber Fest in Allegan, Michigan. It was scorching hot that day. Got there about 15 minutes after they opened and it looked like a lot of other people had had the same idea as I had to arrive early. By the time I reached the last building I was dripping sweat. Didn't stop me from buying some Pygora combed top, merino, silk hankies, and Polworth wool before I was finished shopping. :) The booth owner where I bought the Pygora was shocked when I told her I was allergic to alpaca. She said but it's billed as hypoallergenic. It's not. I know a lot of people who are allergic to it. She told me that Pygora (from a goat) is a hair fiber like alpaca. I have my fingers crossed that the Pygora doesn't bother me the way that alpaca does.

I'll tease you by saying that I've got another free bag pattern and a new shawl pattern that I need to blog about. Both patterns are already up on Ravelry. If you're a member of Ravelry, you can see all my patterns by clicking HERE. You must be signed in to view it. Casey is working on making our design pages visible outside of Ravelry.


Anonymous said...

It's absolutely beautiful! The colors remind me of Oregon's Fall foliage! I would name the bag: Oregon's Coast!

MUDNYC said...

How about "Chocolate Tie Dye"? Although that only works with the variegated yarn you used, the pattern it created made me think of tie dying. It looks really cool!

I miss Allegan!

Crafty Gardener said...

choc-o-felt swirl ... that is my suggestion

Bibliocat said...

Pistachio Twist!

KD said...

I'm all about saying what it is... especially when it makes it easier to find when doing a search. I'd keep it simple and call it "The Perfect Felted Tote" and I'm looking forward to the pattern because I could use one!