Monday, March 21

Bathroom Update

Well, there's not much to report as you can see. The half bathroom has now been torn up for 2.5 months. always takes so long to finish house projects. In his defense, hubby spent a lot of his free time moving snow this winter after he destroyed the bathroom. I've kidded him if he doesn't finish it soon that I will turn it into a closet. LOL!

Thank goodness spring is finally here. The last pile of snow in our yard finally melted yesterday. Woo-hoo! Last night a surprise thunder and lightning storm moved through with one bolt hitting not far from us. A fire truck rumbled by soon after it hit. Our weather forecasters are giving a possibility of snow showers later in the week. Ah, changeable spring weather in Michiana! LOL!

Spring is inspiring me to get my studio and my yarn stash tidied up. After a marathon sort yesterday, things look much better in there. I am appalled though at how much new yarn I have accumulated. I have to post a destash notice on the ISO/Destash Yarn board on Ravelry this week so that some of this unwanted yarn can find new homes.

I digress. Back to the bathroom. The drywall work was finished some time ago. Hubby primed the walls two weeks ago. On Saturday, he began painting the walls yellow. The color is a little brighter than I expected. It's more like glow-in-the-dark yellow. Whatever this paint is it almost stunk us out of the house with fumes. My nose and eyes were burning. I closed the bedroom door to try to contain the smell and keep it out of the rest of the house. Didn't work too well. Thankfully it warmed up enough Saturday that we could keep the windows open most of the day to air things out. By evening the smell was still quite potent in the house. I hung a curtain over the bathroom doorway, lit a candle to try to dispel some of the odor, and moved our HEPA air cleaner in there. It helped but it was still too stinky to sleep in our bedroom next to the bathroom on Saturday night. I moved to the couch for the night. You could still smell faint paint fumes by Sunday night. I did sleep in my own bed last night though I got up with a stuffy nose and a headache this morning. I am so sensitive to this stuff. :( Being allergic and sensitive is a pain in the you know what.

Hubby wanted to put another coat of paint on the walls and ceiling yesterday. I vetoed that idea! I suggested that we go back to the paint store and buy the low VOC paint in the same (or a less bright) yellow. He's agreed to that. So no painting until we get the new paint. Hubby didn't put up much of a fight. He didn't like the paint fumes either.

I've been knitting socks. Several pairs of mine have thin spots under the ball of the foot and the heels. Too big a patch to darn. I tried felting some wool over the thin spots but it didn't work too well. Might work better if you dampen the wool before you try this. I'm considering unraveling the good parts of the socks and reusing it for something else.

There are several crocheted shawls on the drawing board. One in particular has been crocheted and ripped a number of times. I've finally put it into time out and started something new. The new project is turning out very nice.

I have a crocheted felt bag in the works. Testers are currently working on it. I hope to release it next week.

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