Thursday, August 25

On the bus to Stitches Midwest

My LYS is sponsoring a bus trip to Stitches Midwest in Chicago on Saturday, August 27. I love to go to Stitches market! It's the biggest yarn shop under one roof for 3 days. If you can't find it here at one of the vendors booths, it probably doesn't exist. :-) You can shop until you drop, rest, and shop some more. My stash is so big that I try not to buy too much. That said, I never go home empty handed. LOL!

I feel a little awkward saying this but people have told me that would like to meet the designer. (Me? Really?) If that's your wish, look for a short, silver haired woman, wearing a Ravelry button and a Simple Knits badge. (There are a few pictures of me here on my blog. I don't post many as I don't think I've very photogenic.) If I'm not shopping, you'll probably find me sitting and knitting (or crocheting) with my friends at the tables near the food vendors.

Just in case someone finds me, I've printed up a limited amount of discount cards to give out that can be redeemed for a free pattern with the purchase of two from my Ravelry pattern store. :-)

Happy shopping!


Anonymous said...

Have a great time!

The Sewing Loft said...

Oh lucky you!

MUDNYC said...

Have fun, Vicki!