Tuesday, December 25

I am sad

It is Christmas and I am sad. I am sad because someone is taking the free patterns on my blog (and the pictures too!) and selling the patterns as theirs on Ebay. Another designer was kind enough to let me and dozens of other designers know that their patterns were being sold on Ebay by this person. The auction listing claimed the patterns and photos were theirs! This person has had all their auctions removed and hopefully has now been banned from Ebay.

I've also had the misfortune to have some of my patterns copied, modified just a bit (like only changing the decreases used), and posted by someone else as theirs. I am sad for these people that they feel the need to do this.

I work very hard to create my patterns. It can require days, weeks, or months of work. It begins with an idea and a rough sketch, then I work out how to construct it, knit/crochet (and rip!) many versions until I get the look I want, and finally write up the pattern, take photos, and test it to catch any errors before it is ever offered to my readers. 

Because of this, I have removed all of my free patterns from my blog. Any that are currently not available on Ravelry, will be added as free downloads as I have time to do this. You no longer have to be a member of Ravelry to download (or buy) my designs.

Here's a link to my pattern store on Ravelry. It contains both my free and for sale patterns.


Paula, the quilter said...

It is too bad that some people just don't have ethics. Bah on them. Glad I'm on Ravelry. O, btw, I just ♥ the Stone Throw.

Diana L. Sullivan, CPA said...

I've had problems, too, especially with people helping each other violate my copyrighted materials.

Glad to hear she's off eBay now.

Marianne said...

It is hard to believe that someone would be so crude as to do these things. I could never design anything or even fathom how to change a design, I am what some would call an advanced beginner and being on a fixed income I really rely on the free patterns for different projects. I so admire the skills and talents of all the designers and do so appreciate the time they take to write them out, whether for sale or for free. For someone to take one's talent and claim as theirs is really unspeakable and that person should be banned from all sources. Of course, unfortunately there would be no way to totally block them as name and id changes are so common that one never knows the truth about a person.
Please know that there are so many of your and other designers followers that really appreciate your talents. I am so very sorry that there are such lazy bums in this world, they should be prosecuted and put on all social media as thieves.
Thank you for all that you have so freely given to me and others. I am on Ravelry and will continue to follow you there.

purrlgurrl said...

I've seen patterns (from published books and pattern booklets)changed minimally and sometimes not at all ripped off and sold by an individual on Ravelry or etsy. It's more common than many knitters would like to believe.

Because of this, I no longer buy patterns from Ravelry and etsy. I don't wish to inadvertently support this type of overtly criminal behavior.

Etsy and Ravelry have done as much damage as good to the creative community. Until they clean up their sites (highly unlikely given their minimal staffing), designers will continually be ripped off.

Vicki said...

I've not seen those kind of problems on Ravelry. If I did, I would report it to Casey. No, they don't have enough staff. They rely on members to report things like this.

Paris Evans said...

That is so sad, I never sell my knitting anyway, I only give it as gifts, but I just started a blog, and will never claim a pattern as my own, as it's just not fair!