Thursday, January 30

So glad 2014 is here!

The end of 2013 was a really bad time for me. I ended up in the hospital and had a really bad skin drug reaction. My dad died two days after I came home from the hospital. My cat Solitaire died on December 2nd. Then on December 7th, my aunt Maxine (my mom's sister) passed away unexpectedly. I was in no mood to be jolly and happy for Christmas or New Years Eve.

It's taken me awhile to pick up the pieces of my life that had been blown to smithereens and start moving forward again.

My skin is nearly back to normal. It's taken almost 3 months to get to that point. I was happy when I felt like picking up knitting needles and crochet hooks again. My design mojo has come back stronger than ever so watch for some new designs to debut very soon.

If you are a member of the Holiday Mystery Group on Yahoo, I'll be introducing a CAL afghan project on February 1st. It's a one piece, center-out design that is a twist on a traditional afghan. Everyone has been instructed to raid their scrap basket for leftover worsted weight yarn and make a magic balls of them using the magic knot method to tie to pieces together. I've been using magic knot for several months and I love it. No ends to weave in! There may be a surprise for anyone who participates. I'm just saying...

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Mad about Craft said...

What a really horrible, horrible time! Life stinks at times!