Sunday, December 31

New Cat!

We adopted a new cat yesterday so our youngest cat would have a playmate. The new one is a black male cat they told us is a year old. Our guess is he is more like 8 months. He hasn't grown into his feet yet. :-) His name is Fluffy which we don't think is appropriate for him. We may change it to Pooka after the rabbit in the Harvey movie. He's going to the vet on Tuesday to get checked over. He's very friendly.

Since two of our oldest kitties died in the last 2 years, the kitty dynamic in our house has really changed. (Sam and Gray Kitty both died at the age of 16.) White Kitty, 19, is deaf and considers grooming to be optional. He does have some arthritis in his back and tail so there is some reason for that. He hollers a lot since he can't hear and we startle him all the time. The other kitties ignore him unless he irritates them too much by hollering. Solitaire, our only girl kitty, is 12. She's always been shy and doesn't have much to do with the other kitties. She sleeps too much. Boo, 7, is our youngest. No one wants to play with him anymore and he gets depressed.

We've been attempting to keep the new kitty isolated from the others while they get to know each other. New kitty is not cooperating and keeps escaping. We didn't get much sleep last night from the shenanigans but mostly it's just been a few mild hisses. I'll post a picture soon.

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Congratulations on the new addition:-)