Friday, January 5

I'm still here...

Hubby and I caught a virus at a New Year's Eve party and have been sick all week. It's been kind of surreal what with being sick and having a new kitty dancing all over the place. Pooka did go to the vet early this week to get checked out. He had fleas (not unexpected) and has been dosed for them. He also has a cold. The vet gave us pill pockets for the antibiotics. Pooka figured that out after one dose. So we're back to one of us holding the kitty while the other one throws the pill into the back of his mouth and holds it closed until he swallows it. None of us are enjoying it! He is getting better. I hope to get some pictures taken in the next day or so and posted of him. He so wants to be friends with our kitties, especially Boo. So far we've only had minor hisses and a few growls and Boo running to hide under our bed. Everytime he hisses at the new kitty, Pooka starts crying. It is heart breaking! He so wants to be friends and play. Hopefully, Boo will come around. He's beginning to get more curious about the new addition.

Haven't got much knitting done this week because of the crud. I've been working on mice because they're fast and I have the pattern memorized. I will post the pattern soon. I want to take some pictures to show how to work the ears before I do.

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