Friday, January 12

Ebay needle bargain

I love the old Susan Bates Quicksilver circular needles for lace knitting. You remember, the ones that were made made in one piece from gray nylon? (The new ones are metal with a teflon coating and the points aren't as nice.) Of course, since I like them, they don't make them anymore. I've been collecting them from Ebay for quite some time. I won an auction last week that had a couple of pairs in it. I didn't know how good a bargain I got until the package arrived yesterday. The auction only listed 3 sizes of needles and just a few pair. From the pictures (on the left) I could see there was more there than that. To the right is a picture of the back of the packages. For under $10, I got 14 sets of circulars and 26 double points in a range of sizes from 3 mm to 3.75 mm. Two of the 3 mm circulars are 9" and 11" long with metal cables. I've never seen any this short before. Some I'll keep but others will be finding a new home soon.


Sarah said...

Nice! Quite a victory.

jenna said...

WOW..what a great bargain!!!