Thursday, January 11

Yarn sale!

I go wild when I hear these words, especially when it's 65% off! I got all this at Erica's for about the regular price of the Lavish Lace book. Yum, more lace knitting patterns! The two skeins of Oasis soy silk in, I Candy and Parrot, will probably become scarves. Sheep's Clothing gave me a pattern for a wave stitch scarf that I've been itching to knit. I'm not sure what the Sandnes Soft Mohair will become. The colorway of red violet, lavender, and lime green really attacted me. There's about 350 yards, enough for a small wrap, wimple, or something.

Here's the turquoise merino roving I'm spinning. It's a little neppy. I keep pulling little lumps of fiber out as I'm spinning it and the occasional bit of VM. It's a slow, inch worm, spin because this roving is not as well prepared as some I've used. That said, my singles look good and it should make a good yarn. After I got tired of fighting with it last night, I cast on for the second sock.


marti said...

I always visit Erica's when we go to South Bend, in fact I have a punch card all filled up for our next visit!

Shena Meadowcroft said...

I may be looking for some Sandnes Soft Mohair to finish a jacket I am making if I don't have enough and was wondering where you got it? Thanks, Shena