Thursday, January 18

Have I lost my mind?

Is it possible to have too much spinning fiber? LOL! I think we all know the answer to that! It's not possible for any knitter or spinner to have too much yarn or fiber in their stash. Though recently, when I was going through my roving stash, I noticed how much plain cream colored wool roving I had collected. Now, I love color and I doubt I'll ever sit down and spin up a pound of cream color roving. So what was I thinking when I bought all of this? And what am I going to do with almost 6 pounds of it?

Hum, don't I have a friend who loves to dye roving? Yes! Call Liz and she says she'll be happy to dye it for me. I packed up 4 huge bags of roving, collected my friend Elizabeth (not the same one), and off we headed for Liz's house. When we arrived she had the dining room table covered with her handspun yarn, handdyed roving and yarn. She twisted our arms so hard that a lot of it had to come home with us. LOL! Or would you believe it just jumped into our bags or followed us home? Yikes! I delivered 5+ pounds of roving to Liz to dye and brought home a couple of pounds of roving and sock yarn. I am certifiable! The colors are much more vibrant than the picture shows. Liz is a very talented spinner and dyer. You can check out her Etsy shop, Chocolate Princess here (or click on Knit & Spin Crazy in the sidebar). Bottom left to right in picture above: merino/silk roving, superwash wool roving, 3 skeins of handdyed merino sock yarn (440 yards each). Top left to right: Blue Faced Leicester roving (4 oz), 2 skeins of merino/nylon sock yarn (231 yards each), and 2 more skeins of handdyed merino sock yarn.

I finished the turquoise merino I've been spinning. Here it is. It's been plyed, skeined, washed, and is ready to knit. Out of 3 ounces of fiber I got 531 yards of fingering weight (or thinner) yarn. I'm not sure what I'll do with it. If I don't use it myself, I may gift it to a non-spinning friend, or sell it. The next fiber on my wheel may be the BFL roving from Liz. The colorway is so luscious in red, orange, pink, and brown.


Anonymous said...

Very pretty yarn! I also like your labels. Did you make them or buy them?
Julie (from the Yahoo Spinning group)

Liz M. said...

Vicki! Everytime I see that blue merino (turquoise) I think of knitting it! I love the way you spun it up and plyed it together, it's lofty and softy! :) Thanks for the purchase too yesterday, heheheheh :) I know you'll put it all to good use.