Sunday, January 14

Save Time---Spin & Ply at the Same Time!

Tammy Rizzo posted a great tip on the Spinfree list about how to use a high whorl drop spindle with a hook to spin and Navajo ply at the same time. Normally, when you get an arm's length of single, you wind on and keep spinning. With her technique, you stop at this point and Navajo ply what you've spun. Then wind on the plyed yarn and spin more singles. When your spindle is full, you have finished yarn, ready to use! You can read all the details about her technique in message 22062 on Spinfree. I'm very interested in this technique and may have to try it out with both a spindle and my wheel!

We got a little freezing rain overnight. Thankfully, we didn't get much. Just enough that it coated all the trees and wires. It's melting quickly. I do hate ice storms. We had a bad one here in January about 4 years ago. We were lucky and only lost our power for a few hours. The most trying part was having my inlaws move in for 2 days and nights. My MIL was quite vocal about her unhappiness at being forced out of her home by the cold and lack of power. :-( Even though I dearly love them both, it was not a comfortable situation. My younger brother was moving between two houses at the time and neither house had power for a week. One of our neighbors lost most of the big trees on his property. It was crack, whoosh, crash all day. Some limbs were so big we even felt them hit the ground. If you ever hear the sound of trees cracking under the weight of ice, you'll never forget it.

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