Monday, January 8

Pooka pics

Say hi to Pooka, our new kitty. This one is a live wire and it's hard to catch him still long enough to get a picture. He weighed 8 pounds when we brought him home. He had fleas and a cold. After a week of plentiful food, Revolution, and antibiotics, he's gained some weight, is healthy, and his coat is soft and shiny. He's going to be a big cat once he's full grown. Right now, he's in the string bean stage and is all legs.

I stuffed and sewed up 50 more cat toys last night. I dropped some off at my vet's office today. She lets us keep a jarful of toys for sale in the lobby of her office. When hubby took Pooka, Solitaire, and White Kitty there last week, several ladies came in looking for mice toys. They were disappointed to find the toy jar empty. Hubby told them I was working on more. When I fill the jar with toys, I pick up the money for Pet Refuge. I was surprised to only find $2 in the jar. At the front desk the receptionist gave me the rest of the money. She removed the money from the jar after someone stole a $20 bill from it! Shame on them! I guess I'll have to buy a money container with a lock to discourage stealing.


Kat said...

What a handsome kitty! He's darn lucky to have you as his family.

Thanks for the cute pattern! I can see some of the small lengths of yarn I can't throw away become some cat toys....

marti said...

very cute kitty. thank you for the pattern, i am going to have fun tormenting my own kitties with these cute little whales!