Friday, February 16

6 Weird Things About Me

Jess and Sara both blog tagged me with this. Now, I know I'm weird since everyone has told me that my whole life, but I'm having a hard time coming up with anything. That may be because I feel that my "weirdness" is normal. Anyway, here's what I came up with after much thought:

1. I'm allergic to chocolate.
I don't think this is weird though others probably do. I don't live for chocolate. I haven't had any in over 12 years. Everytime I ate it I would itch all over for 2 days and smaller and smaller amounts set it off. Some well-meaning people have told me to pop an antihistamine and eat it anyway. My doctor says avoidance is the best policy and I believe her. Allergic reactions can kill. That said, I do miss chocolate chip cookies and brownies. What irritates me is everyone else's obsession with chocolate. Food TV had a marathon this week of cooking with chocolate. It almost broke me out in hives. LOL! Seriously, do you know how hard it is to find non-chocolate desserts at restaurants? Or go to a birthday party and all that is served is chocolate cake? Everyone, please remember that there are lots of desserts that do not contain chocolate.

2. I'm not a joiner or a follower.
I don't follow the crowd or do what everyone else does. In fact, I'm more apt to buck the trend and go in the opposite direction. I think for myself and don't believe anything without questioning it or applying a little common sense to it. Not everything you read or hear is true. I don't care what authority figure or celebrity says it's so. In the third grade I joined Camp Fire Girls (that's where I learned to knit) but I never joined another club or organization in high school or college. People who know me now may laugh at this, but I was very shy growing up. In fact, to try to get me to hold my head up and smile for my kindergarden picture (not this pic), they put my brother on the principal's shoulders. Didn't work. I was not comfortable with or talking to strangers. This doesn't make it easy to join groups. Regardless, or in spite of all that, I've helped start two knitting (and spinning) groups in the last 3 years. I have overcome my shyness to an extent or at least learned to cope with it.

3. I'm a bug magnet.
Yep, bugs like the taste of me. Trust me, if there is a bug around, it will find me. Outside in the summer time, mosquitoes almost carry me away. My doctor tells me that I've been bitten by bugs that aren't supposed to bite people. Bees buzz my head and ears. I'm not a flower for them to pollinate! Inside, I'm not even safe. Spiders have bit me when I'm sleeping. If the cats bring fleas into the house, I'm the one who gets bit. The welts I get from their bites are worse and itcher than mosquito bites. It is a real trial to me.

4. I can't tell lies.
I'm so honest and frank, that I have a hard time telling even social lies. This can be quite awkward. I've been known to blurt out my true feelings a few times and hurt people's feelings. I mean people don't like hearing "That's the ugliest thing I've ever seen!" Even if it is true. LOL! I don't like to hurt anyone's feelings. If I can't honestly answer that I love something, I either try to avoid making a comment or just make like I agree with them. (My husband's method is to change the subject.) One of my aunts was well-known for saying hurtful things to me. She was skinny and I, as a shy, pudgy teenager, was a target she couldn't miss with comments about my appearance, my weight, and my "thunder thighs." One Christmas, I felt so insulted when she gave me a beautiful vanity set (golden hand mirror, comb, and brush) that I almost threw them back at her! My mom was not happy with my reaction to that gift. She didn't understand that this gift represented to me another thinly veiled, personal dig/insult from her sister.

5. I don't win prizes.
Well, hardly ever. Once I attended a staff party at work where they gave out over 90 prizes, almost enough for everyone who was there. Guess who didn't get anything? LOL! I don't usually pay attention when prizes are handed out because I know I won't win anything.

6. I don't do chain letters and such.
Must have something to do with item #2 above. So I won't tag anyone else with this task.

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Not Shy Now said...

hi, love your pic. you look adorable.
pls let me know how you were able to deal and overcome your shyness.