Thursday, February 15

Spinning silk

My advice: Lotion your hands well if you're going to spin silk. This still may not keep the silk from catching on every little bit of dry skin. I drafted and spun silk until my hands got a little tender. This fiber is so strong. When you pull to draft it, it digs into your fingers. I'm not sure how many silk hankies I spun before I had to quit. When I get enough of it, I'm going to ply it with the blueberry merino singles. See how much silk I spun! Plus see the bobbin of merino singles (on the left), and the silk hankies. The hankies are a mix of gray to shades of lavender. The color of the silk singles should blend well with the merino. I don't know how long it will take me to spin the whole package. And I dare not even look at lace patterns until I know how much yardage I will have in the plyed skein of yarn.

Afterwards, I picked up the sock and almost finished the gusset before I went to bed. The Mystery Pi is looking at me accusingly. Why won't I work on it? Answer: I'm waiting for the other ball of yarn. Lisa emailed me Monday that it's been mailed. I hope it makes it soon. Who knows when it will arrive what with our weather. The snowplow knocked our mailbox down the other day. And take a peek at what greeted my eyes this morning. Yup, the lake effect got us last night. All the trees are painted with white and several more inches cover the ground. It's been snowing heavily ever since I got up this morning. And didn't the weather man last night say something about another system coming through and dumping more snow on us? Sheesh! I really shouldn't complain. We haven't gotten 10 feet of lake effect snow like some areas in upstate New York. Still, I can't wait for warmer weather to arrive.


Laura A said...

Well, I posted a comment, and either it disappeared, it'll show twice, or I hit preview instead of publish. I dunno, but in either case, I wanted to tell you that although I have no personal experience with this, I took a silk spinning class in January, and the instructor said that you can have problems plying a pure silk single with a single of another fiber, such as wool because they may wash differently. The silk may stretch and the wool may shrink up.

You might want to make up a little bit and see what it does. Your singles are lovely.

(a new member of FT, but a little shy to reply there just yet. Particularly in an area I don't know much about)

e's knitting and spinning blog said...

That is going to be really gorgeous Vicki!!!

Sarah said...

When are you going to open an etsy shop with your beautiful handspun?

Liz M. said...

Beautiful spinning Vicki! I've not been spindle spinning the hankies because of my wrist! I went to the Dr. yesterday, and I wasn't happy when I left! I'll call you! Great work though, love ya