Friday, March 2

The Buzz about Bunnies

With Easter coming up, I've pulled out the bunny pattern I designed last year. It's a cute little bunny that fits over those plastic eggs they sell everywhere this time of year. I knit a bunch of them last year, filled them with candy and sold them as a fundraiser for Pet Refuge. They were quite popular. I'm thinking about putting the pattern up on my blog.

I'm spinning up 4 ounces of merino combed top that was hand dyed by my friend Liz. It's dyed with blue, pink, purple, and a soft green. I stripped it into thin pieces and drafted it out to maintain the colorway. I've already spun up half of it. I don't know where Liz gets her fiber but this stuff is a dream to spin.

The Mystery Pi shawl now has a name--Ocean Tide. If I had know the theme I would have knit it in ocean colors instead of pinkish tones. Finished another repeat last night. Twelve more rows to go and it's time to bind off. My plan is to finish it in the next day or so. I want to move onto a new project, but won't let myself until I finish it. Then the problem will be finding a place to block it. I may have to fold it in half to block it.


Aubrey said...

I love those bunnies!

And, I love the colors of the merino you're spinning. It looks great :).

Amelia, belle of The Bellwether said...

oooh yes please, the bunny pattern. Looks terrific, I love the tail!

vanessa said...

the bunnies are adorable!