Sunday, March 25

Fiber Frolic and more

Yesterday was the day for our March Fiber Frolic at Liz's house. Her living room was crammed full of people and spinning wheels. The few knitters in our fiber arts group are slowly but surely falling under the spell of spinning. I showed Chris and Sandy how to use a drop spindle yesterday and sent them home with a spindle and some spinning fiber.

Several people were snapping pictures. You'll find pictures on some of my friends blogs s
oon (check the sidebar for blog links). We're all trying to recover from all the fun we had yesterday.

Nancy came in wearing purple bunny ears and carrying a basketful of Easter candy. LOL! I hope someone got a picture of that!

Elizabeth bought a Tiny Tim spinning wheel from Janet to use as her traveling wheel
. It's so cute! She has pics of it on her blog. She was spinning away on it all afternoon.

We had a cake for Mic
helle, who will be leaving us soon and moving back to the East coast. I gifted her with one of the expandable tote bags I make. I was busy sewing 5 of them on Friday. They're very useful for carrying lots of roving at fiber fests. LOL! You can use them folded halfway down or unfolded to their full length (see pictures). I sold 2 and have 2 more left. I may post instructions on how to make them if anyone is interested.

No one went home empty handed. We had lots of door prizes, a swap table, things for sale, and free stuff. I came hom
e with more spinning fiber, a skein of Liz's pink and brown sock yarn, several crochet hooks, and some vintage knitting books.

On another front, I finally finished the Regia socks in time for the weather to get warm. Today it's in the 70's. Here's a picture of the singles from the
Jumbo merino yarn I spun some time back. Sorry it's taken me awhile to get a picture of it up. I have 837 yards to use for a knitting project. I finished the first bobbin of the Corriedale/tencel yesterday and started on the second one last night. I'm getting much better at spinning this fiber.

For those who are following the tale of the DSL rebate--we received our April bill. It has almost $100 in credits on it! That covers t
he DSL rebate plus the promised free month of service. We won't owe AT&T anything for several months. Happy dance! I'm going to send a thank you note to the Indiana Attorney General's office for shaking loose my rebate. I don't think I would have gotten it without their intervention.

I have more news to share tomorrow.

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Megan said...

Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun!!!! I would really like to know how you make those bags. I go to a lot of trade shows and places where carring all those plactic bags is really unconfortable. Besides who can't resist making another bag!! send along some info to