Wednesday, March 14

New fibery goodness

I got some more spinning fiber from my friend Liz last night. This is superwash wool combed top that she dyed with maroon, teal, and a few lime green and yellow highlights. It's really much prettier that the picture shows. It's going to be gorgeous spun up.

Liz is hosting our next Fiber Frolic in a couple of weeks at her home. Our fiber arts group gets together to spin and knit together on a Saturday. We have a swap table, some door prizes, and we each bring some kind of food to share. It's a lot of fun. I'm sure Liz will have some new fiber dyed up by then and some of it will probably come home with me. LOL!

The Fiber Event in Greencastle, Indiana is coming up on April 13-14. I'm going again this year to buy more spinning fiber. This is the first of the fiber events that is close enough for me to go to and it's still a 4 hour drive. I love to be able to see the color and feel the fiber I'm buying. There is one vendor who sells Shetland that I won't miss. I'm thinking about buying an entire fleece and having it processed into roving by Wooly Knob. They'll have a booth there to pick up fiber for processing. If I buy a fleece it will probably be Shetland, Corriedale, or Merino. I'll have to see what's for sale and decide if I can afford it and the processing cost.

I have a bunch of yarn, circular knitting needles, and other items, I really should sell. They're things I've decided I don't need or won't use. It would be nice to have some extra money to spend at Greencastle.

I finally cast on for the second sock in Regia. I finished the first one some time back. I'm still trying to decide which lace project to tackle next. It can be hard to match the right pattern to the right yarn. So many choices, so little time...


Liz M. said...

Well, that's some pretty fiber there! I hope you enjoy spinning it! I can't wait to see how much you get. There is quite a bit there.

Anonymous said...

Pretty fiber!

See you at Greencastle! I plan to enhance my fiber stash too! :)