Friday, March 16

Wacky weather and what's on the needles

It's been a wacky weather week here, typical really as we transition from winter into spring. Our average high this time of year should be about 46 degrees. Tuesday we tied that day's record high of 74 degrees; Wednesday was in the 60s and raining; and Thursday morning we got up to this--1.4" of snow that coated everything. It was beautiful and gone by afternoon.

I'm almost to the gusset increases on the second toe up sock and am working on more fish cat toys. I was thumbing through some old Knitter's magazines for inspiration and stumbled on a Shetland lace scarf pattern. It will be perfect for the blueberry merino and silk I spun a while back. I cast on and knit several inches. I like how the pattern looks in this yarn but, I'll run out of yarn before it gets long enough. I'm going to start over and reduce the width from 67 stitches to 47 stitches. I do love knitting with my handspun! I should do it more often.

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