Sunday, March 18

Shetland lace scarf progress

I frogged and re-cast on the Shetland lace scarf using fewer stitches. Doesn't it look pretty knit up in my handspun (Fleece Artist merino plyed with silk)? It will look even better when it's blocked. The size is now 9" wide unstretched on the needles. I'm thinking it should block to 11 or 12" wide. The bonus with making it narrower is that it will give me a longer scarf. Here's a teaser pic of my progress. If you look closely, you will see the traditional Shetland diamond, cat's paw, and tree patterns.

I'm almost through the gusset on the second sock. Hubby and I watched the Celtic Woman: A New Journey on DVD last night while I knitted. We thought it was appropriate viewing for St. Patrick's Day. We have tickets for the Celtic Woman's April 12 performance in South Bend. Can't wait to see them in person again. We won't be setting in the nosebleed section this time! The tickets are a Christmas present from my hubby. We ordered them in December when our local PBS station premiered the new show and offered tickets for the April 12 concert. I admit it's a long wait to collect my Christmas present but it's well worth waiting for!

Last night, I also made two loaves of Irish Soda bread using a recipe from King Arthur Flour's Baking Sheet newsletter. It's the most flavorful and moist soda bread I've found. I modify the recipe a bit. I don't add the caraway because it tastes awful to me. I'd rather eat dirt! LOL! For the dried fruit, I used a blend of dark raisins, dried cherries, and Craisins. Yum! I froze one loaf for later consumption (i.e., to keep me from eating it all. LOL!). It may go to the Fiber Frolic with me next Saturday.


Bridget said...

Really pretty!

Anonymous said...

I vote for the soda bread to come to the frolic!
The scarf looks beautiful!


Jules said...

I watched the Celtic Women on PBS last night too! They were wonderful & I saw the CD at WM too! Can't wait to get it. And now I'm off to search for tickets now that you've said they tour. Thanks! Oh & the scarf is LOVELY!-that color is fabulous

TrixieWells said...

This is a beautiful scarf. Where can I find the pattern? Thanks.

Vicki said...

The pattern is called Shetland Lace from the Winter 1988 issue #53 of Knitter's Magazine.