Tuesday, April 10

New Contest Prize!

The triangle shawl pattern contest is now up to 129 patterns. There's still time to enter if you'd like a chance to win some yarn. Click here to find the details on the contest, what the prizes are, and where to email submissions. Entries posted as comments on my blog do not count.

I picked out a skein of Liz's hand dyed sock yarn as an additional contest prize. This is a 440 yard skein of fingering weight merino wool. Liz calls the colorway "Skittles." It has been dyed with purple, blues, pinks, and yellows. This yarn is not just good for socks. Another friend, Elizabeth, knit the cutest baby sweater out of one skein of this yarn. Or there is enough to make a small shawl.

Also in the picture is the latest sock in pink Opal sock yarn. It's really pretty! I ripped it back and tried a different bind off at the cuff. This time I tried Peggy's Stretchy Bind-off for Toe-Up Socks. It doesn't look as ruffly as some of the stretchy bind offs I've tried and has a lot more stretch. (One note: I didn't have to go up a needle size to get this to work.) The other bind-off I'd been using was a little tight in the cuff. On the next pair of socks I may try the crochet bind-off in the Queen Kahuna Crazy Toes and Heels Socks book.

I went stash diving yesterday for yarn for a baby sweater. Last week I found out my cousin, Kim, is having a baby in May. I wish someone had told me sooner. I pulled out my pattern for a hooded baby sweater and cast on with some Bernat Softee Baby in Chiffon Print (white with flecks of purple, yellow, blue, and green). The little sweater is knit top down in one piece. So far I've finished the hood and ribbing at the neck.

The prayer shawl has been successfully delivered. The gift brought a smile and lifted spirits to someone who is having a difficult time. I'm so glad she liked it and that it made her feel a little better. It will remind her every time she wears it that others care about her. A gift of this sort has love in the stitches and provides a warm hug when it's worn.

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Liz M. said...

Vicki, I love that yarn! hahahahah It looked familiar! This contest is going great huh? what fun!