Thursday, April 12

This is not amusing...

It was not amusing to wake up to snow on the ground again on Wednesday morning. Mother Nature seems to be confused. It is spring but we continue to get cold, snowy, winter weather. Yesterday, we got 4 inches of heavy, wet snow. It came down so hard I couldn't see across the street. I really hope this is the last of the really cold weather. My poor daffodils have bit the dust. I fear for the fruit trees and all the other things that budded in the warm weather we had several weeks ago. Just before dusk yesterday, my husband called me to look out the window. There were four deer in our backyard at our birdfeeder looking for something to eat. I took several pictures through the window. Here's one of them. Look carefully and you'll see the 4 deer.

I'll probably won't have time to post again until Sunday. We're off to see the Celtic Women in concert tonight. Then it will be up early tomorrow to go the Fiber Event in Greencastle, Indiana. Time to stock up on spinning fiber! I hope to get my new camera going so I can bring back pics for my blog. I've been a little lazy getting up to speed on it. The new camera has lots more bells and whistles than my last camera. Trying to plow my way through the instruction booklet has been a bit of work. I don't understand why they can't write these things to say do this and do this to take a picture and learn the other bits as you go along.

Contest Update: Now up to 145 triangular shawl patterns. Contest ends at midnight on Sunday night. I'll announce the 4 prize winners on Monday. Keep sending those pattern names in!

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Shelley said...

Thanks for letting me know about the Easter Egg dyes. I've since found the last 2 packages of Easter Egg dye with tablets,on the shelf at the drug store for 79 cents and bought them to try. I'll do a Google search to see about the liquid dyes (which I would think would be similar, though might not have as much dye in them).

We got a snow storm up this way on Easter Sunday, and now tomorrow they are calling for another storm. I hope it doesn't materialize because, like you said, it's spring and we shouldn't get snow.

I hope you enjoy your concert and the fiber festival!