Tuesday, April 3

New handspun

My wheel has been really whizzing lately. I finished spinning and plying 2 different fibers yesterday. Here they are all skeined, washed, and ready to go.

The top skein is white and pink Shetland from my friend, Norma. She lives in North Carolina where she raises Shetland sheep and crafts well-balanced drop spindles. This fiber was Shetland locks she washed and combed. She dyed the pink ones too. Norma "roos" her sheep instead of shearing them. I alternated spinning a white lock and a pink lock. I plyed it with the rest of the peach rayon thread from the Corriedale project. Final result: about 2 ounces of fiber/346 yards/a little thinner than fingering weight yarn.

Wait a minute. If I used up that entire spool of rayon thread, that means I've spun over 1,000 yards of yarn in the last week or so! Woo-hoo!

The bottom skein is the blue green merino from a couple of posts back. The colors in the yarn are a lot more muted than they were in the roving. It's pretty, but not what I was hoping it would be. Just goes to show that you can't tell what the yarn will look like from the roving. 3 ounces of fiber/278 yards/2 ply fingering to a little heavier.

The Forest Canopy shawl is coming along. I hope to get it finished and blocked in the next few days. The weather is going down the tubes here in northern Indiana. Our wood pellet stove will be turned on shortly and run for several days to help heat our house. It will be a good time to dry a shawl or skein of yarn overnight. Otherwise, it can take several days to dry.

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You still have time to enter. Click here to get the details. Contest runs thru April 15, 2007.

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