Saturday, March 31

Contest update and other projects

We're up to 58 triangle shawl patterns for the contest. Keep sending them in. I'm considering adding a 4th prize if the list gets up to 100. I've had a lot of submissions for free patterns. How about sending in some that have been published in magazines/books or are purchased patterns such as Jade Sapphire, Fiber Trends, etc.?

Here's the finished Corriedale/merino in all it's glory. 4.7 ounces and 716 yards of lusciousness ready to be knit up. The color is a mix of pink and peach and white tencel plyed with peach rayon thread. I suspect the shiny tencel and rayon are the reason it's so hard to get an accurate picture of the color. Believe me, it's really beautiful.

On the needles, is another Forest Canopy Shawl using a 440 yard skein of yarn I bought at Michigan Fiber Fest from Sandy's Palette. I love the colors! This one is a prayer shawl for a friend's wife. Sirnaj had surgery last Monday for a molar pregnancy. I'd never heard of it before but it's really nasty. Read more about it here. She's undergoing chemotherapy treatments to get rid of the cancer-like cells. Imagine having to deal with the fact that you weren't really pregnant at all and have a life threatening condition from it.

Last, but not least, I started a new spinning project. Don't you just love the colors? When I saw this spinning fiber last Saturday at the Fiber Frolic, I had to have it. It's more of Liz's handdyed fiber. She's good! It's a little shy of 4 ounces so I'm guessing I'll get 400+ yards out of it. Can you see why I'm running the shawl contest? I keep spinning up these smaller amounts and need something to use them for.

Liz just got in some tussah silk top from Carol at the Sheep Shed. I can't wait to see what colors she dyes it.

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MUDNYC said...

I love the blue color of that fiber. Greencastle is only 2 weeks away -- I'm going to put that tote bag to good use!!!