Sunday, April 22

Seafoam Shetland

My spinning wheel is back in action again after a brief respite. I've spun 2 ounces of seafoam green Shetland in the past two days. One of the many fiber goodies I picked up last weekend at the Fiber Event in Greencastle. This Shetland is from The Kelleys of Windy Acres. I have 2 more ounces of the seafoam green and 4 ounces of lavender yet to spin. The carded roving looked a little shaggy but is spinning up very well. It definitely has a right and wrong end to spin from. You can see from the picture how fine it's coming out---2 ounces/243 yards. Click on the picture for a closer view.

I was too impatient to wait until I had 2 bobbins of singles finished before I plied it. I tried out a trick my friend Jess uses. Tape a cardboard core or paper over the spindle of a ball winder. Wind the single from the bobbin onto the ball winder. Then using both the outside and inside ends of the ball, ply as usual. The cardboard core keeps it from tangling as you ply. I had one loose piece that gave me a little trouble, but otherwise this worked quite well.

I'm beginning to seriously consider buying a bigger wheel than my Little Gem, maybe even a production wheel. I never thought I'd want more than one wheel and wondered why some spinners have a dozen wheels. I'm learning. Sometime this week, I will drive down to my Majacraft dealer at Winterhaven Fiber Farm to see what wheels she has to offer. Jenny told me I could bring one home to try out for a couple of weeks. They're expensive enough you want to make sure it's what you want before you lay out that much cash.

At first hubby was shocked when I told him I wanted another spinning wheel. Once he got over the initial shock, he began to understand that wheels, as any tool, are suited to different jobs. He finally got it. Today he told me he'll buy me a new wheel as an anniversary present. Isn't that sweet? He's a keeper. It'll be 15 years in May since we married. It just keeps getting better and better.


Leah (agile knitter) said...

What a sweet heart! He is definitely a keeper!!!

I just had my neighbor ask me waht I was doing yesterday. I was sitting on my deck plying on my Ashford espinner. When I told him, his reply was "how much was that?" Sheesh.

I have had a Majacraft Alpaca sinc March 06 and just got a Majacraft Rose last month. I love Majacraft. I also recommend a Woolee Winder, LOL.

Shelley said...

Awww, that is sweet of him to buy you another one for your anniversary. Your spinning looks great...I just learned drop spindle and I'm still trying to figure out how thin to pull the roving and how to keep it even so there aren't thicker chunks here and there...