Thursday, April 19

Playing hooky

Someone wrote and asked what I've been up to this week. I've been shopping for supplies and making orifice hooks for spinning wheels. Why, you might ask?

We had a wheel shower for a member of my fiber arts group last night. When someone gets their first spinning wheel, we gift them with a basket full of fiber and other spinning goodies. It was Aubrey's turn last night. She learned to spindle spin about a year ago. Last week, she purchased a handpainted Ashford traditional wheel. It's a beaut! She's already spun and plied two gorgeous skeins of yarn since she got her wheel. She's bonded.

She left with a big smile on her face and an overflowing basketful of colorful spinning fiber plus other goodies. (Bet she couldn't wait to get home to start spinning! LOL!) I gave her several balls of spinning fiber, a 2 bobbin lazy Kate, first choice of 14 orifice hooks, and a name tag for her hook made from a bit of silk ribbon threaded through beads spelling out her name. I sold a few more hooks to friends. My Little Gem has a delta orifice and doesn't need a hook to thread it.

The hooks are made from 18 gauge silver colored wire and glass tear drop beads in purple, green, blue, and a topazy color. The beads have highlights in them like opals. I'm not sure what the turquoise barrel beads are made of.

I mailed the four yarn prizes today to the winners of my triangle shawl contest. Beth, Cindy, Jody, and Andrea, watch your mailboxes. They should arrive in a few days. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

They're so pretty that they make me wish I needed one for my wheel. Nice work.

Aubrey said...

I actually didn't spin any when I got home yesterday, but I'll be spinning some today! :D Thank you guys so much, I'm very touched!

Shelley said...

Wow, those are awesome! I just learned to spin with a drop spindle this past weekend...some day I might work my way up to a spinning wheel!

Eve/ Simply Divine Fibers said...

I take my Gem and a drop spindle along with me to groups and meetings about 3 times a week. At home I use my larger wheel, an Ashford Elizabeth with a Woolee Winder. While I love the Gem, the larger wheel just suits my needs for the projects I work on at home.