Saturday, May 19

It's a huge skein and it's pink!

The Corriedale is plyed, skeined, and washed. It's a HUGE skein---5.3 ounces and 797 yards! It's still very pink. The blue/teal is more muted as some of it washed out when I set the twist. As you might guess from the yardage, this is mostly laceweight with a little in the fingering weight zone. (Click on the picture to get a closer look.) It would knit up into something beautiful--but not for me. I'm debating about putting it up for sale here on my blog or on Ebay. Does $30.00 plus shipping sound reasonable for this large a skein of handspun?

On the right is some merino drafted out ready to spin. Lucious peach, pink, coral, and orange, don't you love the colors? It looks a lot like the Lorna's Lace fiber I bought at Stitches & Scones. This 2.6 ounce lot I got from Amanda Todt. She is destashing to pay some vet bills for her cats. She's still got fiber for sale. Check out the May 10th post here on her blog. I bought a ball of #1, #10 (not pictured), and #16 (above drafted ready to spin). It's all very nice spinning fiber.

Here's a pic of my progress on the square baby blanket. I've finished two corners and am halfway through the third. I'm ready to start increasing. Just above the ball of yarn you can see my provisional cast on in yellow. The small ball of yarn is what's left of the second 6 ounce skein. I still have one more skein to use which should be enough to complete the baby blanket.

This week has continued to be weird. Wednesday night our electricity went out a little after 11 pm. It bounced on and off a few times before staying off. Someone either hit a pole or a tree branch came down on a line. The latter doesn't make any sense because a storm hit the day before. It was clear, still, and cold on Wednesday night. Temps got down to 36 degrees by Thursday morning--not when you want the power to be off. Thankfully, it was back on by 2:30 am. Our doorbell went off and all the lights came on. We got up and turned off everything before going back to bed. This was my second night in a row without enough sleep. I was not a happy camper on Thursday both from lack of sleep and my back hurting.

Today is hubby's birthday. We're off this afternoon to a funeral visitation. Not what any of us want to do, especially on our birthday. The father of a friend died unexpectedly on Thursday. We hope our presence will provide a little comfort for our friends.

I also received news that my Aunt Betty, who has been in the hospital in St. Louis for over 2 weeks, has finally been diagnosed. She has tuberculosis meningitis. I'd never heard of it. It is a rare disease in which the tuberculosis bacteria attacks the membrane surrounding the brain and the spinal column. It's not contagious. Over the past several months my aunt has been losing her ability to walk and take care of herself. The local doctors couldn't find anything wrong with her except an abnormality in her brain that they did not think was cancer. They passed her on to specialists in St. Louis. It took three teams of doctors several weeks and many tests to finally reach a diagnosis. We were horribly afraid she would die before they could decide what was wrong and begin treatment. (Her husband, my Uncle John, died last November. I've been praying hard that my cousins do not lose both of their parents in less than a years time.) Since they started treatment this week, she's starting to improve.


Sarah said...

$30 sounds like a good deal. That's a lot of yardage!

Lothlorian said...

$30 is too cheap dont sell yourself short, I sell half that amount for about $20 and I only dye it not spin it, I would say nearer $50