Thursday, May 17

Spring storms

Spring in northern Indiana can be tempestuous. On Tuesday, temps soared to 88 degrees. (The average this time of year is 70 degrees.) It's always dangerous when the temps jump too high, too quickly in the spring. We're almost guaranteed to get wild weather. About 5 pm on Tuesday, a cold front moved through with thunderstorms that dropped the temp over 20 degrees in less than a hour. Two small tornados and some gustnados (dusty mini tornados) were spotted not far from where I live. The University of Notre Dame, a couple of miles east and south of me, suffered some damage to their campus from one of the tornados. A spire fell from the top of the basilica and about 30 trees were uprooted near the Grotto. They've been very busy cleaning up the damage. Notre Dame's graduation is this weekend.

It was pretty scary for awhile. The local TV radar was lit up like a Christmas tree---we were in for a bumpy ride. The sky turned dark, the tornado sirens were wailing, and one of my cats was outside. I rounded him up and was ready to head for the basement when the downdraft winds of the front whammed against our house. The trees in my backyard were bending in the wind and our trash tote wheeled itself halfway across our driveway. Boo went and hid under the bed.

The system moved out in a big hurry, traveling east at 50 mph. Some in this area lost their power, had trees uprooted, or damage to their homes. We were lucky to only have a few leaves blown off our trees.

Wednesday, the chiropractor really worked on my neck and back. He's out of town for a conference on Friday so no appointment. He must have been trying to make up for the lost appointment. :-( I was really aching yesterday.

I finished spinning the pink and green Corriedale before I went to bed. (I still have to ply it.) Went to bed and couldn't get find a comfortable position to sleep. After tossing and turning for an hour and a half, I finally gave up. I got up about 2:30 am. I watched the Lake House movie and worked on the baby blanket. I'm halfway through the third corner. It's mindless knitting which is just what I needed. My concentration was shot. At 4 am I went back to bed and passed out until 9 am this morning. I'm cranky from not getting enough sleep. My back and neck still aches. I'm so glad I don't have another appointment until Monday.

Yesterday was also our 15th wedding anniversary. Saturday is hubby's birthday. Hubby's already got his gifts. He bought me a fold up sewing center for my craft room. It has to be put together. May is a busy month for me what with 4 family birthdays, our wedding anniversary, and Mother's Day. My mom has requested more slippers. She doesn't like the black pair and has managed to lose one of the red ones. I gave her a pair of my wool socks that are a little big on me. She likes them and wants more of them. I told her I'd add her to my list. LOL!

Speaking of my craft room, it's a disaster area. I've been moving things around and going through everything. Some of it has to go to make room for fiber, yarn, and my spinning wheel. I'd like to be able to get in there to sew too. Progress is slow as I have time and my back permits. I may list some of the stuff on Ebay or post it for sale here when I get it all sorted out.


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! i hope the back feels a little better today:-)

Sarah said...

Happy Anniversary!
Also, TAG. See my blog for details.