Saturday, May 12

Peds footies

About this time of year, someone on one of the knitting lists always asks about a pattern to knit Peds. These are the little socks that don't show in shoes. Here's a pair I knit last year out of leftover sock yarn. It's not my pattern. The original vintage pattern is here and corrections/additions from Susan are here (scroll down to the July 1st post).

These are a fast and easy knitting project. I'm thinking about making some more of them out of scrap sock yarn. Next time, I'll make the sides a little higher to accommodate my high instep. You can see in the picture how high the arch in my foot is.

My current spinning project is Corriedale top that my friend Liz dyed for me in bright pink with hints of teal and blue. The top was a little felted from being dyed. Once I loosened it up and stripped it into lengths, it's spinning up very nicely. I am hoping that plying tones it down a bit. I like it but it is really pink! One bobbin down and one to go.

I started a garter stitch baby blanket the other night with some acrylic yarn from my stash. I hope 18 ounces is enough yarn to make it. The Four Corners Dishcloth on the 1870 Pearl blog piqued my interest. She based her dishcloth pattern on EZ's Square Baby Blanket from the Knitting Workshop book. The technique is an ingenious one. You cast on half the width in stitches and knit it flat in the round using short rows to miter the corners. It's one of those patterns that make you wonder how she ever came up with it! Check out the pattern and you'll see what I mean.


Sarah said...

The socknitters list has just been talking about what to do with leftovers. This is a great idea.

Becky said...

I really like the yarn you are spinning. It's pretty.

Shelley said...

Your spinning is awesome - I love the colours. It looks like the colours I dyed some yarn with last weekend (from easter egg dye), though I have purple in mine as well as pink and blue - though the pink was supposed to be red, but I like it the way it is.

What a good idea, to knit some little footie socks from leftovers. I never thought of that!