Sunday, May 13

FO's and other news

I did finally finish the pink Opal socks. The first sock didn't take long. The second one did. I don't suffer from second sock syndrome. I have no problem knitting the second sock. The problem has been lack of time and back problems.

I have been seeing a chiropractor to get my back and neck into shape for the last few weeks. It's costing some $$$ I'd rather use for spinning and knitting stuff (the insurance doesn't cover it). I am definitely seeing improvements. I can knit again without my back complaining at me while I'm doing it.

On the spinning front, the lime and periwinkle Corriedale I'd been working on is finished. I completed it about a week ago and forgot to blog about it. I got over 700 yards from the original 4.5 ounce bag of fiber.

The May/June issue of Fiber Femmes is up. I can't believe it! They have a small write up about my triangle shawl pattern contest. Check out the new issue here. They've been after me to write an article about my visit to the Greencastle Fiber Event in April. I'm seriously thinking about it.

The first corner of the square baby blanket is complete. I weighed what's left in the skein I was using and compared it to how much is in a full skein. The good news is I should have enough yarn to knit the entire blanket. This is a pretty mindless knit if you remember to knit one less stitch on the decrease part of corner and one more stitch on the increase part of the corner. I like it!

Happy Mother's Day everyone!

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Sarah said...

I think insurance should cover not only chiropractors, but knitting and spinning. Preventative medicine in the mental health realm.