Tuesday, June 26

Fiber acquisition

There's nothing like fresh fiber to cheer me up. Not that I needed any more spinning fiber. But could you resist if you saw these colors? I know I couldn't. LOL!

The orange, pink, and red bundle on the right is called Tequila Sunrise. It's a mix of Rambouillet, Targhee and other soft wools. With only 3.8 ounces in this, I may have to go back and buy more. :-)

The one on the left is called Caribbean Sea. It's a little over 4 ounces of merino. I love the colors and it's so soft.

Mary dyes fiber from the Brown Sheep Company. This is top and not roving. Much easier to spin in my opinion. Some fiber I've bought has felted a lot in the dyeing process, making it a lot of work to get it ready to spin. This wool is in much better shape.

Even though I have a fiber project going on both of my wheels, I'm severely tempted to put a fresh bobbin on and start on the Tequila Sunrise. LOL!

Take a look at Mary's products at her Etsy shop, The Art at Eagle's Find. BTW, she ships fast. :-)


Jane said...

There is no way you could have resisted the siren song of those fibers. They are just fantastic! Surely you have a spare empty bobbin somewhere?

vanessa said...

those colors are to dye for!
sorry for the loss of your aunt.