Wednesday, June 27

FO: Butterfly Shawl!

I finished knitting the Butterfly Shawl last night. I really like how it turned out. I substituted a simple shell stitch crocheted edge for the one in the pattern. I washed and blocked the shawl before I went to bed last night. Set under a ceiling fan, it was dry and ready to unpin this morning. :-)

Size 9 needles
Fingering weight yarn
Wool/silk blend
5 ounces/540 yards
Blocked Width: 74"
Blocked Length: 38"

This is a big shawl. I used fingering weight but you could use any weight of yarn you like. It's a very simple pattern to knit.

The pattern called for size 11 needles with fingering weight. I thought that was too big though I could easily have used a 10 or a 10-1/2 if I wanted it lacier. I like the look I got with the size 9's.

I found out this morning that the link to this free pattern is broken. (An object lesson in why you should print out or save a copy of any free pattern you like that you find on the web.) The website has been disabled for some reason. I've emailed Dani at Knitty Paws asking about her website and the shawl pattern. I fear that this shop has gone out of business. If this is the case, I've asked for permission to post the pattern on my blog giving all credit to her and the designer. We'll see if I get a response and what she has to say.

ETA: The Butterfly Shawl is a word-for-word copy of Lion Brand's Easy Triangle Shawl #2.


Joanne said...

Gorgeous shawl, Vicki! To answer your question on my blog (thanks for visiting!) we will be at Michigan in August. I hope to meet up with Elizabeth and I'd love to meet you, too! Your encouragement is valuable to me. I've been having a long week, if you know what I mean!

Jess said...

Even nicer in person, too! It has a lovely drape, and the edging that you unvented for the shawl is inspiring!

Sarah said...

I forget - was the yarn your handspun? Gorgeous shawl though.
Also, there's a fiber fest in Crystal Lake, IL in July. If you guys plan a trip (which you should), let me know so I can meet you!

Dixie said...

Hi Vicki,
I came to see your blog from your posting on the MS3 KAL.
I'm from Seymour, and Dani (Knitty Paws) has in fact gone out of business. (I used to go to a weekly knit night there; now we still meet but we alternate between member's homes.)
I think she still has the email address though, so I hope that you hear from her. I'd sure like the pattern for that shawl. Yours is beautiful!

Wilma Fingerdu said...

I use to live in Columbus, but I think Knitty Paws closed so I can download the butterfly shawl there anyway you can send it my way?