Sunday, June 3

Spinning on the Tina

I have to admit that I haven't touched my Little Gem since I got the Tina going. It is so much fun to spin on! My drafting is getting faster all the time and I'm getting used to the double drive tension. See how much of the purple/blue Targhee top I've finished? I'm ready to start a new bobbin to spin the rest of it. The small skein on the right is a couple of ounces of Ashland Bay coral merino. This was my first skein off the new wheel. The color is luscious and very soft. The drafting isn't very consistent but I expected that. It took awhile to get the "feel" for this wheel.

I'm wondering if previous owner of this wheel was a beginning spinner? The Tina is not a wheel I would give to a newbie spinner. It spins fast and drafts fine---two things that new spinners would find very frustrating as they learn to spin. For an intermediate or advanced spinner, it's very liberating!

The Little Gem had half a bobbin of Border Leicester from the school demo last week. I've decided to give up spinning it. I wound off what I'd spun into a ball and put it in the bag with the remaining roving. I'll pass it on to someone else to finish. I am really getting picky about what I spin. I much prefer spinning top to roving. The BL is roving and not the easiest to draft. Plus it's scratchy wool and has way too much VM in it. I either have a lap full of grass bits or it's all over the floor around my spinning chair. With all the spinning fiber I have on hand, I don't have to spin anything that I don't like. Been there, done that, I'm spoiled. LOL!


Sarah said...

Wow, so much spinning! Do you still find time to knit?

June said...

Your spinning is fabulous, and I'm with you, "greens and blues are the colors I choose". . . anyway, just love seeing the wheel at an owner that loves it!!