Wednesday, June 6

One gifted, one lost

Yesterday, I discovered I had misplaced the Forest Canopy shawl I made about a year ago. It's a shoulder sized shawl in Mountain Colors Weavers Wool in navy with hints of purple. It's the one I grab when we're going out to a restaurant who has their A/C cranked too high or when I think I might need a little extra warmth. I've thrown it over my head when it's raining and put it under or over a jacket. I've bonded with this shawl. It's seen me through a lot of things. And now it's missing. Sigh. I always put it over the back of my chair in the livingroom so I can find it quickly. It's not there, nor is it anyplace in the house.

I suspect I've left it someplace, which is not like me. Though I have been distracted lately due to more major health problems percolating with my MIL, a favorite aunt who is very sick, and a friend, Mary, who had a masectomy yesterday. I spent the afternoon in a hospital waiting room with Mary's sister and three of my knitting buddies. We knitted and talked while we waited for her to come out of surgery.

I finally had to leave for a doctor's appointment about a very itchy rash I've had on my arms for about a week. Seems I have eczema on my arms, says Dr. Patty, brought on by all the stress I'm under. She jokingly kidded me about not having anything to be stressed about and then starts listing some of them. She understands. Patty is also my MIL's GP and is well aware of what's up with my inlaws. There is definitely reason to be concerned. She gave me a prescription for some skin cream to use on the rash and told me it should clear up soon.

Before I left, I gifted her with a Forest Canopy shawl I knitted in December. This one was made with Mountain Colors Weavers Wool in Rimrock. I thought the colors would suit her. I made her day. Her eyes lit up as she told me it had all her favorite colors in it. Then she laid it down and proceeded to tell me which room in her house matched each color in the shawl. She doesn't know whether she wants to wear it or hang it on the wall! I take it as a compliment that she thinks it's pretty enough to display as artwork. I got a hug along with a warm thank you. I'm not sure which of us felt happier about the gift. When I left she had the shawl wrapped around her neck and was still talking about it. Made my day too. :-)

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Jamisyn said...

Sorry to hear about all that is causing you stress, and I hope all turns out okay for all your loved ones. How nice a gift you gave!