Friday, June 8

What language is this?

I've found a pretty free triangle shawl pattern in a foreign language I haven't been able to identify. Take a peek at the shawl here. It's a beaut and only takes 100 gms of Knit Picks Shimmer. I think I can figure it out from the chart but I'd like to know the language so I could translate a copy for myself. Post a comment if you have any suggestions. I'll probably add a link for it to the triangle shawl list on my blog.

Melanie of the Pink Lemon Twist blog has started a new Yahoo Mystery Stole group. Click here to join. The first clue is scheduled to be posted on June 29. You'll need 1200 yards of laceweight yarn to knit the stole. Don't wait too long to join. She's closing the list to new members early in July. I'm signed up!

Tomorrow, I'm off to an Orenburg Lace Knitting class that Joan Schrouder is teaching. It's an all-day class at the IWannaKnit Retreat in Shipshewanna, Indiana. I'm gathering up my supplies so I can get up early in the morning to drive over for the class. My friend, Jessica, is coming along with me. We're going to have so much fun! If I don't forget my camera, I'll try to take some pics to post on the blog.


zeska said...

As a reader for a while it is nice to note that Ullaneule has been found also abroad, I'll tell other makers of the magazine. Language is Finnish (remember Yarn Harlot's post "Peukalo is thumb"?). The pattern is simple: cast on 7 stitches and the follow the chart, marking on the chart have their usual meanings. Ullaneule also has a short dictionary of knitting terms:

It is the wrong way around, but it should help.

zeska said...

Argh. Sorry for the bad language, the_n_ follow the chart, marking_s_ etc. Good luck with the knitting!

Sarah said...

Hey Vicki, one of my friends is running an online auction for some women she knows who are battling cancer. A few of the things up for bid are bags of freshly sheared alpaca fiber. It's at . Could you spread that around? You know more spinners than I do... I've linked to it on my blog as well.