Thursday, August 2

Ebay sales: thumbs down!

I have sold stuff from time-to-time on Ebay for many years. It used to be a good venue for selling unwanted knitting patterns and yarn. In the past year, it hasn't been worth my time to post auctions. Rising Post Office rates (especially the new first class rate structure), Ebay and Paypal fees are killing Ebay sellers.

Last week, I posted 7 skeins of my handspun yarn on Ebay. I started the auctions at half price, much less than it is worth. For example, four ounces of spinning fiber costs me $8-$12 or more, depending on the fiber, if it is dyed, handpainted, etc. Add to that many hours of my time to spin and ply it, skein the yarn, wash, and label it. The thinner the yarn, the longer it takes to spin. My handspun is consistent, good quality, and tends to be fingering weight or finer.

The auctions closed yesterday. Only one skein sold at the starting price of $15.00.

The really sad part is the $13.00 I had to pay in Ebay and Paypal fees for the auctions. What??? You mean I only made $2 for my handspun! That's outrageous! I'm glad I spin because I enjoy it and not to make a lot of money.

Lesson learned. From now on, I'll stick to trading or selling my handspun on the Yahoo groups or gifting it to friends.


Melissa said...

Hi! Have you thought about etsy? I know lots of people are going to etsy for their craft supplies. You can still use paypal, but it seems more and more are going the etsy way.

moiraeknittoo said...

I see Melissa beat me to mentioning etsy. I'm doing a lot more of my crafty shopping via that site for smaller and handspun lots. Check it out! :)

Kate/Massachusetts said...

Could you post pictures and sell from your blog? I have bought hand-dyed yarns from a number of blogs that I read.

Amelia, belle of The Bellwether said...

Etsy and blog-sales are fun, I've seen (and bought from) both. Another similar option to etsy is (.li, not .com). I've spent some money there, too ;-)

e's knitting and spinning blog said...

Oh Booo!!! These people got such a deal! I think Melissa is right. Etsy people know quality stuff when they see it!

Sarah said...

I would go to etsy first to look for handspun, not ebay. I think you'd be much better off there. Or be sure to keep an updated link in your blog too!