Saturday, August 4

Circular shawl patterns

Recently, a thread on some of the Yahoo groups has been about circular shawl patterns. I've found very few free ones on the web. They are sometimes labeled doilies, tablecloths, Pi shawls, baby shawls or blankets, etc. They all look like they could be made as shawls.

Circular Shawl (click on picture to get the pattern)
Heirloom Shawl
Pinwheel Blanket
Knitted Lace Doily
Old Shale Tablecloth
Queen Anne's Lace

If you know of any other free circular shawl patterns for these, let me know.

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Carissa said...

There are quite a few doily patterns at that can be and have been made into shawls. The ( are the largest, with Alita, Mommes Lysedug, Påfuglehale, Stor Lysedug, and Stor Rund Dug being over 100 rounds, and therefore the most suitable for knitting as shawls. I hope that this helps you out!