Wednesday, September 26

One, two, three a scarf...

Fall has arrived and the leaves are beginning to show hints of color. Just a leaf or a branch painted with oranges and red. Our temperatures have been much too warm for this time of year. We hit a record high of 92 earlier this week. Temps should be a little more seasonable soon. A cold front went through last night dropping some much needed rain on our area and washing a lot of the allergens out of the air.

After not having any luck pairing scarf patterns to the yarn I had on hand, I made a trip to Hobby Lobby. This week they have a number of yarns on sale at 40-50% off and others for only 99 cents a skein. I know I said I wasn't going to buy any more yarn, but I ended up bringing some of it home. Who in their right mind can resist 99 cent yarn? Evidently not me. LOL! I got enough for a sweater for me. The yarn even has 35% wool in it. I also bought some novelty yarns for scarves.

I must have been crazy when I bought 2 skeins of Angel Fleece, it's too much like Lion Brand Homespun. (Not one of my favorite yarns.) I loved the colors so much that I was tricked into buying it. I tried to knit something out of it and didn't like it. I ended up using a big crochet hook and crocheting a mesh scarf with loopy crocheted fringe on the ends. It turned out pretty well. I gave the other skein away. It wasn't worth the gas to return it.

I also picked up a couple of skeins of Hobby Lobby's Highland Thistle yarn. It's a bulky weight yarn with a bit of eyelash wrapped around it. I knit it up into a scarf using one size 15 needle and one size 17 needle. Cast on 12 stitches and knit it up in no time. One skein makes a scarf. Nice!

After finishing this scarf in record time, I browsed through the patterns in my 2007 Pattern-a-Day Calendar. What do I find but a pattern for a funky scarf pattern using fur yarn. Just so happens I got 2 skeins of Elf Eyelash yarn for 99 cents each. I cast on and started knitting it before I went to bed. I finished the tail and the back legs. Oh, is this pattern ever cool with this yarn! Find the November 12, 2007 pattern called "Pelts" (like a furry animal skin). Brenda Franklin is the designer. I hope to finish knitting this tonight. This has been such a fun knit so far that I'm trying to restrain myself from going back to Hobby Lobby for more fur yarn. :-)

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