Sunday, September 23

Wheel answers and project progress

I've gotten a lot of replies to my request for information about the spinning wheel. I'm copying everything down to give to Mary. I've been told it:
  • may be a child's wheel
  • or a traveling or visiting wheel
  • possibly European or German
  • a spinning wheel for flax
  • and Therese Forsch is the name on the plaque
Knitter's block is thankfully receding. I have yet to decide on a scarf pattern to knit for Scarves from the Heart. I have to get it finished this week so I can mail it in time for the Oct. 6 deadline.

For some time, I been looking for a boy baby cardigan pattern I like without success. I'm not in the mood to knit a Baby Surprise, I'm tired of top down raglan sweaters, and I don't want to knit a sweater in pieces and sew it together. The latter is too much work! I did see something that sparked an idea and am working on a simple design of my own. It will be knit from the bottom up in one piece, grafted at the shoulders, with the sleeve stitches picked up from the armholes and knit in the round down to the cuff. No seams to sew! I'm using Bernat Satin Sport in Seashore that was on sale last week at Michael's. (Acryl-ick, but you gotta love it for babies.) I'm shooting for a 9 months size. My design notes are scribbled all over a single sheet of paper complete with a diagram and measurements. I should type them up while I can still read them. LOL! I'll scribble more notes on the pattern sheet as I knit the sweater. Though I cast on for this on Thursday, I've only had time to knit an inch of so.

I've been playing with lace stitch patterns for a new design. I like what I've come up with but haven't decided if it will be a shawl, a stole, or a scarf. Right now, it's all on paper.

Post knitting block, I am so torn between which project to work on first! It seems to be either feast or famine.

Many thanks go out to Doe Firth for the scrap yarn that just arrived. This box has lots of sock yarn scraps for me to knit into cat toys. I'm going to have fun knitting small fish from these. :-)

And, last but not least, happy birthday to my dear friend, Chris. :-) The little Noro felted bag was knit for her. She liked it! Happy dance!

Happy birthday to ewe,
Happy birthday to ewe,
Happy birthday dear Chris,
And fibery goodness too!


Anna said...

I'm just looking at your lovely knitting. That felted bag looks great. I should try something like that sometime.....

Lynne said...

Than youu for the url. I do love you leaf pattern shawls. Sorry you had to give up your protype. But what a gift for her. Here is my photo site. my website is still in process.
you'll find garden and jewlery....both my love interests. let me know what you think. good seeing you.