Saturday, November 24

Knit U list mom and a teaser

I don't know how many of you ever read the Knit U list on XRX's site (Knitter's Magazine). I heard this week that List Mom, Gail McHugh died on Friday, November 16 at the age of 60. I am saddened to hear about this. There is an obit in the Boston Globe and an online place where you can leave condolences. Here's the link. Another place you can leave your condolences online (and read the many already there) is at the Keefe Funeral Home website. Click on online condolences to find her name and where you can read or leave your condolences.

KnitU was the first knitting list I ever signed up for and my favorite for many years. In the past few years, they have had software and computer disasters that have made the group a shadow of its former self. Plus my Yahoo email address won't allow Knit U digests to get through. I've maintained an old email address I don't use anymore just to get them. Even that isn't working anymore. I wish they'd migrate Knit U to a Yahoo group so I can get my digests again.

Our weather finally reflects the calendar. Thanksgiving Day it started snowing on us as we drove the 45 minutes south to my brother's house for dinner. It snowed the entire time we were there and also all the way home. In fact, the closer we got to home, the harder it snowed. It was the fluffy, big flakes that can mount up quickly. I was glad to get home. Come Friday morning, everything was white outside. I wish I'd gotten a picture. Once the sun came out, puffs of snow came down in little plops from the trees. Speaking of which, we still have leaves on some of our trees. I can't remember ever having leaves on the trees this late in the year. Last night the temperature got down to 21 degrees. Brr! We turned on our wood pellet stove to keep our house cozy warm and I put a thick quilt on the bed.

I've filled my basket for the Pet Refuge bazaar. I have to tag everything and turn it in sometime this week. I won't be able to attend the bazaar as my fiber art group's Christmas party is the same day (December 8). I hope Pet Refuge makes lots of money to pay their bills from the items I'm dropping off.

The siren call of lace has sung my name for several weeks now. I finally surrendered. LOL! I'll tease you by telling you I'm working on a rectangular stole with a wide lace border on each end. It's charted and I'm in the process of knitting a prototype. Once all the details are worked out, I'll post it for sale. With all the work that goes into designing one of these, I have to charge something for the time and work I put into them.

Anyone have any recommendations for lace charting software, costs, recommendations, etc.? I'm looking for something that will handle more than my word processor can. Thanks!

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OfTroy said...

Oh Vicki, i am so sorry! (re your comment/missing package)

i'll rummage around (i don't like to admit it, but a YARN STORE OWNER saw the small percentage of my stash on ravelry, and asked if i could supply her with yarn!) and find something wonderful (and try again!)

(goodness knows, your collection of shawls continues to be a source of visitors to my blog!--(and i'll admit, i plug your blog as a way to plug mine!)