Thursday, November 29

Whew, bazaar items delivered!

All the items I made for the Pet Refuge bazaar have been tagged, bagged, and delivered this morning. Here's a run down of what I finished. A lot of the patterns I used are my own and are available in my Ravelry store. The few online ones I used I've added links. Krysten and Silja were kind enough to give me permission to use their patterns to make items for the bazaar. Thanks so much!

9 Scarves (curly, eyelash, braided, and garter stitch)
16 Bracelet or hairband
6 Cotton baby bibs - Simple Baby Bib
1 Tote bag
1 Heart coaster (set of 3) Silja's Christmas Hearts
6 Kids crown
1 Round coasters (set of 3)
8 Bunny with fillable egg
11 Soap sacks with soap
9 Dish scrubbie sponge - Krysten's Cotton Dish sponges
3 Dino keychain
1 Round dish scrubbie - There are several patterns online for these. I loved the idea of these but found them to be a pain to make.

I asked Pet Refuge to let me know what sells well. I plan to make items throughout the year and put them aside for next year's bazaar. I still have a lot more ideas for small things I could make. I've run out of time for now. There are a lot of other things I need to get busy making.

I goofed up on my stole pattern so I ripped it back and started again. Since I'll be taking picture of it for the pattern, I want it to be correct. I hadn't chosen an edging pattern when I started knitting it before. So this time I knit the edging and picked up the stitches for the body of the stole. It looks great! It's slow progress though as lately I haven't had the free time and/or concentration to work on lace. I do have a friend busy test knitting it as well.

The stole will be called Promenade. After looking through every lace edging pattern in all the books I have plus everything online I could find, I ended up designing my own edging from scratch.


Moonlit Goddess said...

Wow that's alot of stuff for the bazaar! I'm sure Pet Refuge was happy to have it. Can't wait to see the progress on your Stole next week. I loved the little bit I saw last week.

krysten said...

Wow! you really got a lot done, good for you! i hope everything sold well. :) your sponges came out great!