Saturday, December 15

Back pain

I have been seeing a chiropractor for most of this year. He's gotten a lot of my neck and back problems straightened out. I have a history of back problems beginning at the age of 35. It's something that runs in both sides of my family. Being involved in a number of car accidents where I was hit from behind (none my fault) and several injuries at work moving things haven't helped.

Unfortunately, yesterday I managed to hurt myself again. How can the simple act of lifting a phone book and stretching over to lay it down cause so much pain? Well, that phone book was heavy and I did hyperextend and overstretch my arm. As I did it I felt a flash of red hot pain run down my back. Oh, no!

After laying down for a few minutes, the pain didn't go away and I could feel it with every breath I took. I knew I had a rib tip out for that to happen. Ask me how I know? LOL! Not good.

My chiropractor closes at noon on Friday so I quickly called to ask if I could get in. They said to come right away. It was not easy driving myself to his office but I managed. The injury is on my right side so every movement of that arm made it hurt even more. Dr. Bryan told me I had thrown out several vertebrae and rib tips. No wonder I hurt! After the regular therapy didn't do the job, he resorted to more force. I heard and felt everything pop back into place. It still hurts but not nearly as much as it did. It would have been much worse today if I had done nothing. I've had enough past experience to know. I can't do much of anything until this settles down and starts to heal. It's better today though I'm stiff and sore. Help is only a phone call away if I need it this weekend. Now there's a caring doctor for you! Otherwise, I have another appointment on Monday.

No knitting yesterday and maybe not today either. :-( I'm working on a baby sweater for a friend who is due in January. Still have the sleeves to do and maybe a hat and booties to go with. (Michelle, there is no way this is going to be a surprise. LOL!) The stole is about 60-70% done. I've measured off what I need for the final edging and tied a marker on my yarn. Now all I have to do is keep knitting in pattern until I reach that point. Rectangular stoles always take longer to knit than triangles.

Snow is headed our way again. I'll take it over freezing rain and ice any day. They don't know yet how much we'll get out of this storm though starting tonight it could get nasty. I'm happy staying home where it's warm and hope I can start knitting again soon.

I really feel for the people in Oklahoma and other states who are still without power. Snow is adding insult to injury and slowing down the repairs to their electricity. Such a widespread outage and bad roads means you're on your own until repairs are completed. There's no running out to the nearest store if you need something. The Weather Channel and the Red Cross both advise having a safety kit and a plan for disasters. It's good advice.

I emailed copies of the Tweets pattern out to the contest winners last Monday, December 10. Two of them were successfully received. The third person is having problems getting it. I sent a second copy out to her today. Please check your junk, spam, or bulk email box if you don't find it in your regular mail.


David said...

Vicki I'm sorry about your back! I hate how something so simple (lifing a phone book) can go so wrong. I've twisted my back reaching for something the wrong way. I hope it gets better soon! And YAY, hand knits for Bacon! Woo hoo!

Moonlit Goddess said...

Glad you were able to get into the Chiropractor so quickly. Hate think what it would have been like this weekend if you hadn't. Hope you are feeling well enough to knit soon.

moiraeknittoo said...

I know this sounds weird, but I'm so very glad I'm not the only person who's experienced the rib tips being out of place! Every person I've ever tried to explain it to tells me it's physically impossible, but boy howdy it sure doesn't feel like it's impossible when it's happening to you.

I hope you feel better soon!

Joanne said...

OUCH! I hope you feel better soon. How nice to have such a kind and caring chiropractor. I've got a very nice primary care doctor, and he's sympathetic. However, I think our current health care industry just don't allow time for many doctors to be really empathetic or kind. They are too busy filling in forms, seeing tons of patients, etc.

I've been warned to watch out for those "cracking" treatments--it can be detrimental to your system, so I'm glad it seems to have worked for you! Enjoy the snow from inside..